Partners Argo - Contar


SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC - The company is a worlwide leader in the field of electrical distribution and industrial automation. Argo-Contar is distributing the following products :
  • INFRAPLUS - structured cabling systems category 5/6/7 -15 years product warranty;
  • UNICA / MerlinGerin - communication outlets

NIEN-YI INDUSTRIAL - The Taiwan company is producing structured cabling systems components since 1987. This is the designer and producer of part of the ACNET products.

PATCHSEE - The French company is producing networking patch cords with light identification on both ends
KOPOS - KOLIN - This Chech factory is a leader in the production of electro-installation materials (conduit bars, wall-mount boxes...)
SMC NETWORKS - Leading producer of LAN / WAN comm. equipment. Part of the Accton Technology Group
OVISLINK Corporation - The Taiwan producer of LAN / WAN comm. equipment - AIRLIVE

GW Delight Technology Co., Ltd. - Producing FO equipment offering GEPON solution

MATSUSHITA ELECTRIC - The Japanese producer of telecommunication equipment - PANASONIC

EXAGATE - Turkish integrated system - monitors and manages the security of your data room ar cabinet
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